“Our goal is college and career readiness for every student. The Idaho Core Standards provide a framework for curriculum instruction, and assessment that will facilitate this goal.”
– Dr. Linda Clark, Superintendent of Joint School District No. 2

“Nearly three out of every four students who enroll in Idaho’s community colleges need extra time and instruction to get ready for the courses required to complete a degree. The new Idaho Core Standards being implemented at the K-12 level are more rigorous and forward-thinking standards that ensure students are prepared for success when they graduate from high school.”
– Dr. Bert Glandon, President, College of Western Idaho

“As a parent and education activist, and a member of the Governor’s Education Task Force, I think doing anything to slow or stop the implementation of the Idaho Core Standards in public schools statewide would be a big mistake.”
– Mike Lanza, founder of Idaho Parents and Teachers Together and former chair of the Vote No On Props 1, 2, 3 campaign

“From a business point of view, the Idaho Core Standards are important because they will help ensure that we have the highly educated and skilled workforce needed to compete in the 21st Century.”
– Skip Oppenheimer, CEO, Oppenheimer Companies and Chair, Idaho Business for Education

“It is exciting for so many to be working together towards a common goal – a high quality education. The standards bring a rigorous curriculum to all.”
– Jana Estes, 1st Grade Teacher

“The Idaho Core Standards are changing the way teachers teach and the way students learn: everyone is being challenged to think deeper, justify strategies and decisions, and persevere through a rigorous set of new educational standards. I am becoming a better teacher by working towards an applicable, purposeful, and strategic delivery of a higher set of content and practice standards, and my students are becoming hard workers and critical thinkers as a result.”
– Lindsey Yundt, Junior High Mathematics Teacher