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Teachers have been taking the new Idaho Core Standards and building their in-class curriculum around them for the last few years. Students in kindergarten are being taught essential problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, building a foundation for a successful future.

Below is a video demonstrating what the Idaho Core Standards look like from the teacher and student perspective. These  kindergarteners demonstrate how they each solve the same math problem using different models and techniques using curricula set forth by their teachers based on  Idaho Core Standards.



Al Stout – Skyview High School Teacher

Skyview High School teacher Al Stout brings an impressive background to his job: 25 years as an educator, including the past 18 years at Skyview, as well as being an AP English Literature consultant for The College Board and a Boise State Writing Project fellow in 2007. What does he think of the Idaho Core Standards? As he writes in this op-ed for The Idaho Statesman: “The Common Core is the most sensible and logical approach to educational policy I’ve seen in my 25 years of teaching.”

Read more about why he’s such a strong backer of the Idaho Core Standards here.

Mike Lanza as author – co-founder of Idaho Parents and Teachers Together, a member organization of this coalition.


In 1863, at the first session of the Idaho Territorial Legislature, William B. Daniels, Secretary of the Territory and Acting Governor, issued a clarion call for public support of education:

“It cannot be necessary to argue the necessity of education to the preservation of our free institutions….Prosperity, wealth, luxury, vice and ruin, are the successive steps in the career of every nation that does not rely upon the virtue and intelligence of the people. All the gold in these mountains will not save us from the fate of free nations that have gone before us if we do not educate our children, but rather make our decline more swift and sure….Let us establish schools and churches, encourage teachers, patronize the arts and sciences … and labor to perpetuate our institutions by a unison of intelligence and virtue, liberty and law….”


My classroom is different now from what it was a year ago. The desks are still arranged the same way. Room 12 is where it has always been. I have the same teaching assignment: U.S. History, American Government, and Psychology. I haven’t really changed anything about the room, physically. I have changed my bulletin boards to reflect some new teaching strategies. However, things are happening in this room that have never happened before.